The teaching of Science at Midgley School follows the National Curriculum programmes of study and the updated 2021 Early Learning Goals. Science is a primarily practical subject, which develops a spirit of enquiry by encouraging curiosity and reason.  Children learn how to work with others, persevere and how to ask questions about the natural and physical world and beyond. We foster a caring attitude towards our environment and understand that living things need protection, including our planet, themselves and others. We aim to enhance the children's understanding and sensitivity to the world around them thus making caring and inquisitive scientists. 


Below you will find the Working Scientifically vocabulary document, the Programme of Study coverage for both Year A and B, as well as National Curriculum objective coverage documents for both years.

Each programme taught is complete with a knowledge organiser created by the class teacher that includes the specific vocabulary expected to be taught by the end of each unit as well as the Working Scientifically skills being used. The knowledge organisers act as an assessment and revision tool, as well as informing  staff of prior learning. These can be found on the Knowledge Organiser pages for all classes.

Midgley School Working Scientifically Vocabulary 2020.docx .docx
Midgley School Science Programme of Study Coverage.docx .docx
Science Progression Grid Year A.doc .doc
Science Progression Grid Year B.doc .doc



On Thursday 10th December 2020, we held a Polar Express Day for the whole school. Children were handed out train tickets and had to bring them back on the day to board The Polar Express! We combined the Christmas fun with STEM activities. Class 4 focused on a Science investigation whilst Classes 2 and 3 had a Design and Technology challenge. EYFS did lots of exploring too, using their outside space to create something magnificent! Please read through the booklet above to find out more and see some wonderful pictures of a fantastic day of fun!