Curriculum Intent

Midgley School  Curriculum Intent

At Midgley School, we aim to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum which equips them to be effective world citizens of the 21st century. Our curriculum is based on the September 2014 National Curriculum for KS1 & 2 and the Early Years framework 2012 in Reception. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the needs and interests of our pupils. This combined with first quality teaching ensures that our pupils are supported to be well-rounded pupils.

Staff have devised a two-year rolling long term programme as the school has mixed aged classes. We recognise the importance of the sequence and the structure of teaching and learning. Our curriculum is designed to recognise children’s prior learning and experiences and build upon these year by year. Blocking and interleaving of topics is used to promote the embedding and retention of information and to develop the pupils’ ability to recall. Our 2 year rolling programmes are available on our school website.

Outdoor Learning and sport have a high profile at Midgley School, we have an excellent Forest School/PE Leader who teaches all pupils every week and pupils are introduced to new skills in the forest such as fire building, forest management and wildlife identification. Pupils in KS2 can access sports such as tag rugby, cross country and orienteering. Pupils participate in local area competition within the Calder Valley Cluster.

 Our curriculum intent is based on our school motto:

‘Learning, Caring and Growing together’


  • We have high expectations for all pupils including those with SEND, for whom we adapt our curriculum appropriately
  • We ensure the curriculum is steeped with a strong social, moral, spiritual and cultural dimension which acknowledges and celebrates our village community
  • We will develop pupils’ knowledge and skills across every aspect of the curriculum
  • We will create a learning environment to ensure every pupil reaches their true potential.
  • We encourage our pupils to be good communicators. We provide pupils with opportunities to be critical thinkers and to ask questions.
  • We prioritise the learning and the love of reading as we recognise the importance of reading as this enables access to the full curriculum



  • We create and maintain a safe and caring community will have a sense of responsibility.
  • We promote healthy and safe lifestyles.
  • We enable pupils to develop their resilience by providing opportunities to pupils which challenge but whilst in a safe and secure environment
  • We embrace and engage with village/community life
  • We nurture well-rounded, respectful and confident pupils



  • We foster a family atmosphere that supports pupils’ growth and promotes healthy lifestyles
  • We prepare our pupils for life after Midgley School so they can live purposeful and meaningful lives
  • We grow and work in partnership with parents to support the development of our pupils both at home and school.