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Welcome to Class 2

Class Teacher: Miss T Sim

            Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Thomas            

Class Governor: Mr G Fox

The Heart of the Ocean...The Heart of the Ocean...

This week in Art, we had a look at the famous necklace called The Heart of the Ocean. We talked about what sort of person would wear it (definitely first class!) and what it was made from (sapphire and diamonds). We thought of describing words such as extravagant, beautiful and expensive and then designed our own in our sketchbooks. We finally made ours out of clay doing lots of squashing and using tools to create designs and patterns. Next step... decorate!

Funny is Power! Funny is Power!

For comic relief this week, we had a funniest face competition! See below for the fabulous entries - they really brought joy to us and we had a good giggle looking at them in the afternoon.

Spring 2 Home Learning Weeks 1-2

 Home Learning Spring 2 Week 1 - Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Spring 2 Week 1 - Year 2.docxDownload
 Home Learning Spring 2 Week 2 Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Spring 2 Week 2 Year 2.docxDownload
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Humanities Hook Video - Spring 2 - Week 1

Year 2 Spring 2 Spellings

 Year 2 Common Exception Words.pdfDownload
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Year 1 Spellings

 Common Exception Words.pdfDownload
 Tricky Words Phases 2 - 5.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Suffixes -ing, -ed, -est and -er.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Spring 1 Weeks 1-6 Planning

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