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Welcome to Class 2

Class Teacher: Mrs T Singleton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Thomas

Class Governor: Mr G Fox

Home Learning

Spring 1 Week 4 2022

Please find all the documents needed for this week's remote learning in the file list below. Where there is differentiation in learning, the year groups have been stated. If you have any queries, please email Miss Mansfield (head@midgley.calderdale.sch.uk) as I am also now isolating with Covid-19 and I'm unwell with symptoms. Please stay safe and I will hopefully see you all back in class soon! Mrs Singleton

Year 2 Maths:

Monday - Add equal groups (https://vimeo.com/488110327

Tuesday - Multiplication Using the Symbol (https://vimeo.com/488111269)

Wednesday - Multiplication Sentences from Pictures (https://vimeo.com/488113679)

Thursday - Using Arrays (https://vimeo.com/490417143)

Friday - Make Doubles (https://vimeo.com/490420115) - This is a Year 1 recap step.


Year 1 Maths:

Monday - Subtraction Not Crossing 10 by Counting Back (https://vimeo.com/492198226)

Tuesday - Subtraction with Crossing 10 by Counting Back (https://vimeo.com/497563367)

Wednesday - Subtraction Crossing 10 (1) (https://vimeo.com/497919464)

Thursday - Subtraction Crossing 10 (2) (https://vimeo.com/497919984)

Friday - Related Facts (https://vimeo.com/497920336)



This week's Zapper sheet is linked below that includes the children's focus spellings (Year 1s are based on their phonics for this week).

Year 2 SPaG - This week's focus is recognising and using simple contractions. There is a teaching power point to guide you through the learning and also 2 activity sheets.

Year 1 SPaG - This week the children are revisiting and using the conjunctions 'and', 'or' and 'but'. Please see the guidance powerpoint below along with 2 worksheets to complete.

Handwriting - This week's letter formation focus is 'L'. Please see the PDF attached for guidance and handwriting lines. 

Writing - This week we're focussing on writing our own haiku poem's about Antarctica, cold places or animals from them. There is a teaching power point below that gives examples, the rules you need to follow and it has you practicing one for a 'summer' theme. We will look at the importance of syllables and how to identify them, so we will be clapping out our sentences to help. If you would like to write more than one (or for a different theme) then please send those to Mrs Singleton too! Our Word of the Week is 'jubilant'.


Year 2 Science (you will need wax crayons and paint)

In Year 2 we have been exploring changes with materials. This week's learning is going to centre around waterproofing. Have a discussion with your child about what the term 'waterproof' means before sending them on a waterproof hunt - what can they find around the home that is waterproof? Could they collect an array of items and test them against the waterproof criteria? What works? Why? If available, show your child the crayons and ask them what material they're made out of (wax). Through the examples given below, explain to your children how to create a wax resist piece of art. Discuss how the wax is waterproof so it resists the paint. Have fun creating your own picture!


Art & Design (you will need paper and a pen)

In school, the children have been creating collages of homes from around the world by using different papers and rubbings. Unfortunately you won't have these to hand to work on at home but we can still practice the skills needed for our next step. Our final layer with our art is going to be continuous line drawing on top of the collage. The practice session would have been adult led, getting the children used to not lifting their pen off of their paper. The children found this really fun the last time we had a go, as you can get some very silly outcomes - especially if you're doing portraits! You can use this tutorial as guidance if you need. Once they have practiced, allow your child to find an image of a unique home on the internet or in a book, and use it as inspiration to draw their own continuous line drawing of that home. I'd love to see their wonderful outcomes!



 Year 2 - In class, children have been taking interesting pictures around the school grounds of what they think represents 'winter'. This week's focus is to understand how we can use the editing tools (on iPad/computer/phone) to make our images better. We will focus on the brightness and crop tools and then move onto the other features. This can be done at home if you have access to these devices, if not, then please refer to the Year 1 objective.

Year 1 - An 'Hour of Code' is an online platform that teaches children computer skills through interactive games and child-friendly interfaces. For Remote Learning this week, please see 'Code Monkey Jrhttps://hourofcode.com/codemonkeyjr which teaches the children the basics of coding through game scenarios.

 Add Equal Groups.pdfDownload
 Haiku Guide.pptxDownload
 Handwriting L - Remote learning week 4.pdfDownload
 Make Doubles.pdfDownload
 Multiplication Sentences with Pictures.pdfDownload
 Multiplication Using the Symbol.pdfDownload
 Recognise and Use Contractions Guide.pptxDownload
 Recognising and Using Simple Contractions Activity 1.pdfDownload
 Recognising and Using Simple Contractions Application Activity 2.pdfDownload
 Science Examples.pdfDownload
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Spring 1 Week 1: The Year 2 children have been investigating how ice melts and the affects that salt has on it. We predicted which group of ice would melt the fastest and recorded our findings on a table. We also learnt about particles and the different states they take. They had lots of fun being solid, liquid and gas! Can you guess which picture is which state?


Other Informtion

Additional Spelling Documents

 KS1 CEW Mat.pdfDownload
 Tricky Words Phases 2 - 5.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Suffixes -ing, -ed, -est and -er.pdfDownload
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